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The Millionaires Living in the Mining Cabins

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“Architect Kim Raymond, who has been practicing in Aspen for 27 years, agrees that it’s important to preserve the town’s historic properties. She says she likes working with the commission, but the process has gradually become much more stringent. And the town is considering even tougher restrictions.” — Nancy Keates


An Aspen Victorian Recieves and Award-Winning

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“What sets apart 110 E. Bleeker is its brick exterior. Of the 200 Victorian-era houses that remain in Aspen, Simon counts just 14 that were constructed out of brick. (That small group doesn’t include the brick commercial buildings of the time that still stand in the city’s downtown core.)

‘We wanted to honor the historic building but also make it so the homeowners could still experience modern living, including elements like an open floor plan and more access to natural light,’ Raymond says.” — Naomi Havlen

110 Bleeker

Aspen, CO

530 W Hallam

Aspen, CO