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The Millionaires Living in the Mining Cabins

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“Architect Kim Raymond, who has been practicing in Aspen for 27 years, agrees that it’s important to preserve the town’s historic properties. She says she likes working with the commission, but the process has gradually become much more stringent. And the town is considering even tougher restrictions.” — Nancy Keates


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905 East Hopkins

274 Draw Drive

730 West Bleeker

526 East Hallam

624 West Francis

626 West Francis

134 Spring Street

700 Monarch Place

530 West Hallam

110 Bleeker

44 Bennett Court

620 Penthouse

104 West Cooper

20 Maroon

Aibel Residence

132 Spring Street

120 Red Mountain Rd.

Aspen Highlands HQ


Nibakure Children’s Village

203 North Monarch

232 East Bleeker